Do You Want to Work in Baseball?

I have been blessed to work in baseball with great people that have mentored me throughout my career.  I have attempted to convey the many lessons learned in this book.  It’s not easy to write a book, especially your first one, but when I began writing the information flowed freely.  When I thought I had written all that I wanted to express, 150,000 words, my editor told me I should pen two books or cut this one down to 90,000 words.  Needless to say, I left a lot on the cutting room floor.  My hope is the information contained in this book is of value to you in sports management education, scouting and player development, or for just plain old entertainment.

Bill Geivett


One thought on “Do You Want to Work in Baseball?

  1. Bill, I am a Die-Hard baseball fan. I have been a Colorado Rockies fan since their inception in 1993; prior to that, I was a Toronto Blue Jays fan-watching Game 6 with Dad of the Braves-Blue Jays series.

    I bougjt your book three weeks ago, I just got it today. I am starting Chapter 3 now, its a GREAT book. I believe this book will be able to serve professionals in all walks of their career, similar to Gary Macks, Mind Gym.

    As Sales Executive, who has written about the Colorado Rockies, what would your suggestion be if I wanted to pursue a career in Major League Baseball? I am currently pursuing my BS in Psychology, emphasizing Organizational Behavior.


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