“Readers’ Favorite” Review by Gisela Dixon – 5 Stars

Do You Want to Work in Baseball? by Bill Geivett is a comprehensive non-fiction book on the ins and outs of professional baseball and how to make a life and career in it. Do You Want to Work in Baseball? explores literally everything to do with the field, including what are the various job and career options in the field, detailed information about each one, how to break in, baseball operations, interview skills and tips, scouting, and much more. Bill Geivett brings his background in professional baseball to this book and explores not just everything that is needed to know to break into the industry, but also offers thought-provoking and often times humorous glimpses into the world of some well-known pro baseball players.

Do You Want to Work in Baseball? is an in-depth, comprehensive book on everything one needs to know to succeed in the field of Major League Baseball. In fact, the interview tips and general life lessons in this book are not restricted to pro baseball or indeed any sports field, and can be applied equally well to any field to achieve career success. I really liked the interview section presented in this book, which proves that one not only needs the skills, but also a never-give-up, can-do attitude and a passion for the job. The writing style is very engaging and makes it a fun read, even for a non-baseball fan. All in all, a highly recommended read for anyone wishing to enter the competitive world of Major League Baseball.

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