“Readers’ Favorite” Review by Kayti Nika Raet – 5 Stars

Bill Geivett’s Do You Want to Work in Baseball? provides an insider’s look
into the world of professional baseball. In it, Geivett details how scouts
evaluate players, the process of starting a career there, and the passion
required for longevity and success. With twenty-eight years of experience,
Bill Geivett is an expert in his field, not through sudden genius – though
his work is insightful – but because of a willingness to listen and learn, a
willingness he proves time and time again is necessary for success.
Do You Want to Work in Baseball is more than a simple how to. As
Geivett draws on his insight as a player, scout, and front office executive,
he offers philosophical as well as practical advice. His advice is also good
for any aspect of one’s life, regardless of whether they succeed in the
world of baseball, urging the reader to focus on long term gains instead
of short term victories.
I enjoyed reading Do You Want to Work in Baseball? by Bill Geivett. It
provides a unique view into a world few get to experience and Geivett’s
words of wisdom also reminded me of my own father who coached Little
League. It seems as though baseball inspires a unique philosophy in all
those who engage in the classic sport. Geivett also includes some colorful
stories as well as tips and advice, and his book reads as though you’re
getting one-on-one insight from a mentor. A great read for anyone who is
tough enough for the world of baseball.

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