“Readers’ Favorite” Review by Mamta Madhavan – 5 Stars

Do You Want to Work in Baseball? by Bill Geivett is an engaging read that gives insights on baseball with details on the preparation and work that goes behind getting an interview call or employment in the competitive world of professional sports. The author’s experience in the sport is credible throughout the book as he answers questions on baseball, on the process of acquiring employment in MLB, how baseball scouts evaluate players, and many other questions that will cross the minds of all baseball enthusiasts. The book also throws light on the process of scouting junior athletes and projecting their abilities, and gives readers a peek into the professional player development and the perspectives involved. The book is about the study of philosophy and practical procedure, how it is developed, reviewed, and analyzed in professional baseball.

This book connects well with all baseball lovers and it is a must-read for all those who are seeking employment in professional baseball. The book should be read by all baseball coaches and players as the perspectives and insights shared are thought-provoking. The author handles the topic extensively and his experience in professional baseball as a player, scout, and front office executive makes this an informative read. His writing style is neat and simple, making it easy for readers from all strata of society to understand baseball and everything associated with it. This book can be kept as a guide to the conceptual thought processes required in designing Baseball Operations programs and procedures. It also has some good techniques and suggestions on how to solve issues in professional baseball and create successful plans.

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